Awastar SP Body Wash Towel from Kikulon

Awastar SP Body Wash Towel from Kikulon

Enjoy your shower or bath knowing you’ll get clean with this ultra soft Awastar SP Body Wash Towel from Kikulon. ‘Awa’ in Japanese means ‘bubbles’, and this towel is a star at creating the perfect lather with very little effort.

Kikulon has been making kitchen and body towels for over 40 years. Their Awastar brand is very popular in Japan, selling over 22 million bath towels!

Woven from very thin Nylon 66 microfibers, the towel is soft to the touch and delicate on the skin.
The patented 3D woven wave fibers give the towel surface a wavy pattern, and when used with your favorite soap or body wash, creates the rich creamy lather. And then length of the towel is 100 cm, which is long enough to be used to scrub your back.

The Awastar SP brand of towels come in 4 types of softness rating: Ultra soft (yellow), Soft (pink), Normal (orange) and Firm (blue).

Product details

Product name: アワスターSP 超やわらかめイエロ- (awasuta- SP chou yawarakame iero- – Awastar SP ultra-soft yellow)
Product code: 4548404200528
Material: 100% Nylon
Temperature resistance: 90℃ (194℉)
Size: 28 (D) × 100 (L) cm
Made in Japan
Price: about 600 yen + tax

Derek’s review

While I haven’t used the body wash towel that long, I immediately noticed much more soapy lathers than from the old wash towel that I am used to. I usually prefer cotton wash towels as I have dry skin, and I found this towel to be a bit rough on my skin. Maybe it’s due to the nylon fibers? or maybe my skin is too sensitive.

I have read reviews that after continued use for several months, the towel starts to fray. This I will need to test and update.

So far, I am loving the foam I get from the towel. Maybe I will use it as a foaming shower ball instead.

After using the Body Wash Towel for several weeks, I am getting to like it a lot more. Soap lathers up effortlessly, maybe it’s due to the amount of water the towel holds and the amount of soap in the towel? I have also been able to create lathers from left over bits of soap!

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