Baby Nasal Aspirator

Baby Nasal Aspirator

Baby’s get grumpy when they have a stuffed-up nose, so why not clear their nose with this Nasal Aspirator so that your wee one can breathe and sleep easier.
The nasal aspirator is used to suck out the mucus or bogeys (boogers for our US readers) from the wee ones nose.

The nasal aspirator consists of several parts:

  • Round bulb nose piece. The bulb shape prevents the tube from being inserted too deep into the nose, irritating the nasal membranes inside of the baby’s nose.
  • Flat mouth piece. The mouth piece is placed in the adult’s mouth to gently suction mucus out of the baby’s nose from the Round bulb nose piece. Suction can be carefully controlled by the adult to gently remove the mucus.
  • Long piece of soft tubing for both the nose piece and mouth piece
  • Collection bottle cap. This connects the soft tubing to the collection bottle. The top of the cap has the Japanese characters ハナ (hana – nose) and クチ (kuchi – mouth) printed on it to avoid confusion when assembling the parts together after they are washed.
  • Collection bottle. A transparent bottle that collects the mucus, and also prevents backflow of the sucked mucus back to the mouth end.

– The product was developed by an Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctor.
– The product was awarded the ‘NPO Japan Mothers Society – Mother Selection Grand Award’ in the best baby care category, and the ‘KIDS DESIGN AWARD 2011’.

To wash:
– Detach the tubing, and use high water pressure or lukewarm water to wash before and after use.
– Use only sterilizing solutions to sterilize. Do not sterilize with boiling water or microwave sterilization, or use in dish washers or dish dryers as the heat may cause deformation.
– To detach the soft tubing, pinch the end and twist while pulling.

– Disassemble, wash and dry each part before assembling. Store in the carry case.

– Do not use the product if the inside of the nose is infected or injured.
– Suctioning with too much force can cause the nasal membranes to get too dry and bleed.
– If bleeding is still persistent, contact your doctor.
– Do not turn the collection bottle upside down. The contents in the collection bottle may get sucked through the mouth piece.
– Do not use the product for any purpose other than as originally intended.
– Store the product in a clean place, away from direct sunlight, high temperature or high humidity.
– Keep out of reach of children.

Product details

Product name: ママ鼻水トッテ(mama hanamizu totte – mum, clear my nose)
Product code: 4987133014806
Company: Tampei PharmaceuticalCo.,Ltd
Material: Collection Bottle – polystyrene; Cap – polypropylene (PP); Soft tubing – silicone rubber; Nose and Mouth pieces – polyethylene (PE)
Made in Japan
Price: about 800 yen + tax

Derek’s review

I used to hear stories of how my parents and their parents used to use their mouths to directly suck out the mucus from the baby’s blocked nose (that will definitely help you lose your appetite). So this device is a life saver (and I get to keep my appetite!).
I have used it on my son since he was a tiny baby, from removing his bogeys, or unblocking his nose. It just works wonders.
Washing it is just like washing other baby products, so it isn’t a big fuss.
Every parent should have one of these in their homes!

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