Delicatus Chopsticks and Half Case

Delicatus Chopsticks and Half Case

Store your chopsticks in this cool and stylish chopsticks case, Delicatus Chopsticks and Half Case from Sabu Hiromori Co., Ltd.
The Delicatus brand for lunch products are made with good quality, safety, sturdiness and convenience in mind.
The dishwasher safe chopstick half case stores and protects the pointed base of the chopstick. The patented silicone stopper prevents the chopstick from slipping out of the case. And for easy cleaning, the case can be opened up.

The half case comes in different colours: beige, yellow, pink, red, green, mint and navy blue.


– Keep away from fire.
– Do not sterilize with boiling water.
– May not fit all chopstick sizes.
– Only the half case is dish washer, dish dryer safe. Do not put the chopsticks in dish washer or dish dryer.
– Refer to the instructions of the dish washer or dish dryer for directions to wash or dry the half case.
– The design and text on the half case may fade and wear out over time and extended usage.
– Do not use metal scourers or scouring powder, which may cause scratches.
– Dropping or strong impact may cause damage to the half case.
– Use with care as the chopstick tips are pointed.

Product details

Product name: Delicatus Chopsticks & Half Case
Product code: 4958106914072
Company: Sabu Hiromori Co., Ltd.
Material: Case and lid – AS resin (Styrene Acrylonitrile resin); Chopstick stopper – Silicone rubber; chopsticks – natural wood.
Temperature resistance: Case and lid – 100℃ (212℉); Chopstick stopper – 140℃ (284℉)
Dish washer / Dish dryer safe: Case and lid; Chopstick stopper
Size: 150 (W) x 23 (D) x 11 (H) mm
Chopsticks length: 19.5 cm
Made in Japan
Price: about 900 yen + tax

Derek’s review

There are a lot of lunch related products in Japan as the food culture is such an important part of every day life. The half case works with most chopsticks and the silicone rubber stopper prevents the chopstick from falling out of the case, and it works really well.
For about 900 yen, I found it quite expensive, maybe there is a cheaper alternative? however, for the price, the case is sturdy and well made, no sharp edges or pointy bits. Maybe it is worth it if it lasts long enough? Only way to test it is to use it.

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