Easy spread butter knife

Easy spread butter knife

I love butter on my toast, but I hate waiting for the butter to soften, or trying to battle with cold butter. Well, wait no more. With this easy spread butter knife, you can grate the hard butter into thin strips, making it easier to spread on your toast.

The butter knife is made from two pieces of stainless steel joint together at and angle to make the knife easy to hold and use. The blade has two rows of grating holes, just like the cheese graters, to grate butter into thin strips, which softens the butter making it easier to spread. The thin strips of butter also help reduce over-spreading of butter, thus lowering calories.
The knife can also be used on other foods like cheese and chocolate.

The butter knife is dishwasher and dish dryer safe.

How to use

– Hold the butter knife against the left side of the butter, and guide the knife from the left to the right end.

How to clean

– Use washing detergent and soft sponge to wash.
– Do not use scourer or abrasive cleaners as they may cause scratches on the surface.
– After use, wash thoroughly with hot water to remove food debris. Dry thoroughly and store in safe place. Moisture or food debris may cause knife to rust.

– Do avoid injuries, do not place hands or fingers on the grater holes.
– Keep out of reach of children.
– Dropping or strong impact may damage the knife.
– Do not use on hard frozen food.
– Does not grate soft butter.

Product details

Product name: とろける!バターナイフ(torokeru bata-naifu – Melting! butter knife)
Product code: 4989082765136
Company: Arnest Inc.
Size: 165 (W) 25 (D) 25 (H) mm
Materials: Stainless steel
Made in Japan
Price: about 1,000 yen + tax

Derek’s review

I usually have toast for breakfast, and waiting for butter to soften is almost like waiting for paint to dry. It doesn’t happen quick enough, so this easy spread butter knife will be something I will look forward to testing.
The angle on the butter knife handle and blade makes it comfortable to hold and use.
There are other similar products in the market, some that include butter curlers. I like it simple, I just want it to spread easily.

Easy Spread Butter Knife - How To Use

The image on the back of the packaging shows the knife blade with the grate holes on the right side, and an arrow from right to left. The direction of the arrow is correct, but you would have to hold the handle with the blade facing towards yourself to grate the butter, which is kinda awkward. It would easier to turn the image 180 degrees to show the blade pointing away from your body, and then grate from left to right. Could they make a left handed and right handed one? as holding the knife on the right-hand and grating from left to right is not as natural as grating from right to left (if you get what I mean).
More updates on this product after I have used it a few times.

After using the butter knife to spread a few slices of toast, this is what I found.
The angled blade works really well when grating the butter, and the grate holes work well grating the butter into thin strips.
As a right-hander, holding the butter case with my left hand and grating from left to right wasn’t as bad as I initially thought.
Trying to spread the grated butter wasn’t easy though. As the grated butter would gather on the top of the blade, if I turned the blade upside down and tried to spread with the blade flat on the toast, the angle of the handle meant it I would be holding the knife very close to the plate or table. I had to scrape off the grated butter with a spoon or another knife first, before I could spread the butter on the toast. Another option would be to hold the toast up from the plate to spread the butter (I’m lazy, I prefer to spread the butter on the plate).

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