The Very Hungry Caterpillar Reusable Baby Wipes Lid

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Reusable Baby Wipes Lid

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Reusable Baby Wipes Lid is a line of very cute products from The World of Eric Carle and Bitatto, the Japanese baby wipes lid brand.

In Japan, packets of baby wipes usually do not come with the plastic lids. The reusable lid comes with adhesive tape on the base so it sticks to the baby wipes, and the lid keeps the moist. And when the wipes are all used, just peel off the lid and stick it to a new pack of baby wipes.
The inside of the lid has space to put your name or the baby’s name.

The 6 characteristics of Bitatto lids:

  1. Special adhesive tape on the base can be reused many times.
  2. Easy and compact to carry around.
  3. Easily opened with one hand.
  4. Easy to pull wipes out.
  5. Keeps the wipes moist.
  6. Wash the adhesive tape lightly to remove any dirt, and it’s ready for sticking again.

    Fits openings up to 51 x 90mm.

    How to use

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar Reusable Baby Wipes Lid - how to use

    1. Remove the seal from the baby wipes packaging.
    * Take care not to rip the packaging.
    2. Peel off the protective film (split into 4 parts) from the bottom of the lid.
    * Take care not to peel off the adhesive tape from the lid.
    3. Apply the lid, making sure there are no creases.
    * Creases may create gaps between the lid and the packaging, allowing moisture to escape causing the wipes to dry up.
    4. Open lid and remove wipes.

    – When removing the lid from the baby wipes packaging, hold with the lid closed and remove gently from the packaging.
    – Removing with the lid opened may damage the lid.
    – If lid is removed too quickly, the adhesive tape may remain on the packaging.
    – Dirt on the adhesive tape will weaken the adhesive properties. If dirt accumulates on the adhesive tape, wash with water and leave to dry. If grease from fingers or oil weakens the adhesive properties of the tape, wipe using detergent or alcohol sanitizer.

    – Remove any grease, dirt or moisture from the surface before attaching the lid.
    – Do not use on dirty or rough surfaces.
    – Touching the adhesive tape may weaken the adhesive strength of the tape.
    – Exposure of the adhesive side to direct sunlight may cause the adhesive tape to change color or deteriorate.
    – Leaving the adhesive side exposed without the protective film may cause the adhesive tape to deteriorate. If lid is not being used, keep the lid attached to the baby wipes packaging as storage.
    – If the adhesive tape changes color, check the adhesive strength before use.
    – Do not use on valuable items.
    – The lids have special adhesive tape to allow it to be reused. The adhesive properties may weaken or deteriorate. If by cleaning the tape the adhesive strength is still weak, please replace with a new lid.
    * Recommended replacement period is 4 months (depends on use frequency and environment). Adhesive strength tests show lids can be reused for over 100 times.
    – Keep out of reach of children.
    – As the adhesive tape is coated manually, the finish may differ slightly between products.
    * Product colour and package design may change without notice.
    * For more details, please visit the Bitatto homepage at

    Product details

    Product name: 貼ってはがせるウェットシートのフタ(hatte hagaseru wettoshi-to no futa – Reusable wet sheet lid)
    Product code: 4562384600727
    Brand name: Bitatto
    Company: Techxcel-Japan
    Size: 120 (W) x 82mm (D) x 6mm (H)
    Materials: main body – Polypropylene (PP) from Korea; Adhesive tape – Urethane elastomer from Japan.
    Assembled in Japan. Bitatto has been developed, processed and inspected in Japan.
    Price: about 400 yen + tax

    Derek’s review

    I have written a post about a 100 yen wipes lid, comparing them to the Bitatto lids.
    I really do like the Bitatto lids, they just work and stick well again and again.
    We use several lids, a few for the home (different rooms), and one for going out. I had purchased them when my son was born, just over a year ago, and we’re still using the same ones.
    This particular design is a favourite for myself and my son (mostly for me), as he loves The Very Hungry Caterpillar storybook.
    I am so tempted to buy the other designs…. I’ll just have to wait for the old ones to break…if they ever do.

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