Iwako Erasers – Colourful Daruma Erasers

Iwako Erasers – Colourful Daruma Erasers

Iwako really knows how to make cool erasers, and these Colourful Daruma Erasers are no exception. The miniature Daruma figures, a talisman for good luck, comes in 7 colours, red, orange, green, blue, purple, pink and white. The Darumas have the left eyes blacked out. The left eye symbolises a wish or goal being made. When the wish or goal is achieved, the right eye is filled in.
With this set of Colourful Daruma Erasers, you will have 7 wishes!
More info about the Daruma doll here.

This is set number 26 out of a series of 41 omokeshi, short for おもしろいけしごむ – ‘omoshiroi keshigomi’ meaning ‘fun erasers’ from Iwako.

– CHOKING HAZARD. Contains small parts.
– Not suitable for children under 3 years.

– Do not eat.
– Product is an eraser, and may pose a choking or ingestion hazard to children.

Product details

Product name: おもしろいけしごむ ERASER カラーだるま(omoshiroi keshigomu eraser kara- daruma – fun eraser – colourful daruma)
Product code: 4991685120274
Company: IWAKO Co.,Ltd
Material: Poly(styrene-butadiene-styrene) (SBS), Polystyrene (PS)
Made in Japan
Price: about 400 yen + tax

Derek’s review

Back in the UK we call them rubbers.
Japan has a lot of novelty and character rubbers, and there are many collectors around the world that collect Japanese rubbers.
This is one that would be great in their collection.
There are seven colours of Daruma in the set. The traditional red colour for the Daruma dolls symbolises fire, blood, which was meant to frighten off evil spirits and prevent disease and disasters.

Meanings of the colours:

Red Daruma – Well-being of one’s family, peace and prosperity in the household, and good luck.
Orange Daruma – Enhancing fertility, and avoiding trouble and disasters.
Green Daruma – Great health and develop your talents/gifts.
Blue Daruma – Academic achievement and improving your talents/gifts.
Purple Daruma – Great health and long life, and promotes dignity.
Pink Daruma – Love and relationships.
White Daruma – Pass exams and achieve goals.

Hope I go well in all of them to fill in the right eye!

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