Nihonbashi KIYA Nail clipper – Black – Small

Nihonbashi KIYA Nail clipper – Black – Small

Finding a good nail clipper is like a life long quest. You try different ones, replacing them until you find the one that you like, and hope that it lasts. This nail clipper from KIYA may finally put and end to the searching.

The simple black steel nail clipper comes with a plastic removable nail clipping catcher, making nail clipping mess free as you won’t have nail clippings flying after each clip.
Emptying the clipping is easy. Just hold the handle with the blades down towards a bin, and the nail clippings should fall out of the catcher. Or slide off the catcher and empty the clippings into the bin.

The sharp curved blades follow the shape of the nail, making it easy to trim while giving your nail a natural look.

The handle has a build-in nail file to smooth any rough or sharp spots.

The black small size nail clipper was sold from 1987, and has continued to be a very popular item sold by KIYA.

Nihonbashi Kiya (日本橋木屋), or KIYA & CO. LTD as it is formally known, is a very old Japanese company. Established in 1792, KIYA specializing in knives, cutlery and utensils, so it has a long history and experience in making blades.
You can read about KIYA from their website:

There is a large size black nail clipper, length is 69 mm.

Product details

Product name: 木屋 爪切 黒 (小)(kiya tsumekiri kuro shou – Kiya Nail Clipper Black Small)
Product code: 499756570079
Company: KIYA & CO. LTD
Material: Steel, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene resin (ABS)
Size (with cover): 57 (W) x 14.5 (D) 14 (H) mm
Weight: 24g
Made in Japan
Price: about 800 yen + tax

Derek’s review

I have tried many nail clippers, and I have come to the conclusion that cheap nail clippers are just not worth buying. They don’t last and usually do not clip nails well.

The KIYA nail clipper isn’t that expensive for the small size, which I really like as it’s small and compact. The nail clipper came in a very simple clear plastic packaging. There were no instructions, no descriptions and no fancy box, so you’re yen goes towards the nail clipper.

Seeing that it’s from a company that has several centuries of blade making experience, the nail clipper does clip very well, even for hard nails. Think of it like you’re using a small set of curved knives that is cutting your nails.
The design is very simple, and I do like the sleek black finish.

I think this nail clipper and brand will be one that I will continue using for a long while.

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