One Hand Tray for Camping and Barbecues

One Hand Tray for Camping and Barbecues

Next time you go camping or to a barbecue, why not bring along this One Hand Tray to keep one of your hands free while you enjoy the food and the drinks.
The tray is very easy to use. Just place your thumb through the hole beneath the drink holder, holding it like an artist’s palette. Now you have one hand free!
The cup holder hole can hold a 350ml can or a paper cup; the 3 compartments of different sizes can be used to serve different foods, and the handy groove in the middle holds your chopsticks.
This set of 5 trays comes in green, yellow, pink, white and blue.

– Wash with dishwashing detergent and water before first use.
– Do not apply force when placing drink can or paper cup in drink holder as the drink may drop through the drink holder hole.
– Drink holder not suitable for slim cans or slim paper cups.
– Do not place hot drink cans in the drink holder. Heat may deform the plastic tray and may cause burn injuries.
– Do not place hot items or food directly on the tray. Heat may deform the plastic tray and may cause burn injuries.
– Distribute items carefully on the tray to balance the tray. An unbalanced tray may cause spillage, burn injuries or stains on clothing.
– Do not use in microwave oven, oven or over open flame.
– For your child’s safety, always use under adult supervision.
– Do not use the product for any purpose other than as originally intended.
– Do not store near ovens, toaster, gas cooktops or heated areas. Heat may deform the plastic tray.
– Do not use scourer or scouring powder on the tray.

Product details

Product name: ワンハンドトレー(wan hando tore- – One Hand Tray)
Product code: 4958702024304
Company: Kabushikigaisha Asahi Kasei
Size: 253 (W) 194 (D) 25 (H) mm
Materials: Polypropylene
Temperature resistance: from -20℃ (-4℉) up to 80℃ (176℉)
Made in Japan
Price: about 800 yen + tax

Derek’s review

This was a very interesting item that I thought I needed to get my hands on. We’ve all experienced the barbecues and parties where we walk around with a paper plate, trying to balance the chopstick or fork while holding onto a drink. If you leave the drink on a table, it usually gets lost amongst the many other drinks, and you’ll find yourself going through several pairs of chopsticks or forks.
This tray puts an end to all that. Now I have a free hand to do other things.
I like the design, with the thumbhole like an artist’s palette. I would have preferred the drink holder on the right side, but I guess it’s on the left near the thumb for balance, having heavier things closer to the hand to make it easier to hold.
I haven’t used this yet, but will look forward to, as it’s the Summer!! which means barbecues and parties!!!

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