P-51 clips – Robot

P-51 clips – Robot

Brighten up and organize your notes, and impress your friends with these cute and colorful P-51 clips – Robot shaped paper clips. These paper clips not your regular plastic clips, they are made of “MAPKA”, a material consisting of 51% paper powder and 49% polypropylene. The MAPKA material properties gives the clips a the unique paper matte texture which is smooth to the touch.
As MAPKA is considered a paper product, it can be disposed as paper (i.e. burnable waste).

The P-51 Clips are shaped like the old vintage toy robots, and they come in 6 colors; white, orange, yellow, green, turquoise and blue. The set is sold in a paper pack of 18 clips, 3 set of the 6 colors.
Each clip can securely hold up to 10 sheets of paper.
The P-51 clips come in different shapes too; like dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, elephants, birds, crocodiles, turtles, guardsman, planes, clovers, mushroom, flower and strawberries.

– Clip may break or cause damage to the paper if used on documents over 1 mm thick.
– Do not pull the clip apart as this may cause damage to the clip.

– This product is not a toy.
– Not suitable for children under the age of 6. May cause serious injuries or suffocation if swallowed. If swallowed, consult your doctor immediately.

Product details

Product name: P-51 clips 6colors/18pcs. robot (P-51 クリップス ロボット柄 – P-51 kurippusu robotto gara)
Product code: 4902805433228
Brand name: MIDORI
Company: Designphil
Material: MAPKA, 51% paper powder and 49% polypropylene
Weight: each clip about 0.5g
Made in China
Price: about 500 yen

Derek’s review

I love the design of the P-51 clips, they are just cute, and the colors are bright and fun. The clips are very nice to touch, light and sturdy to use.
Although the clips are Made in China, the clips are made with very high quality. The robot design imprint is very clear, and the edges of the clip is smooth.
For about 500 yen, you get 18 clips which is not a lot, so you have to use it sparingly.
I have to stress to keep the clips away from small children as the design, feel and color can be easily mistaken for small sweets (candies if you’re from the US).

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