Ohto 2-in-1 Pen-style Scissors and Cutter

Ohto 2-in-1 Pen-style Scissors and Cutter

This stylish 2-in-1 Pen-style Scissors and Cutter tool from the Japanese stationery maker, Ohto, is all you will ever need to carry in your pocket, pencil case or bag.
On one end, is a compact pair of scissors with safety lock and protective cap. The scissors can be used by both left and right-handed use.
On the other end is a tiny needle-like replaceable cutting blade.

How to use

2-in-1 Pen-style Scissors Cutter - How to use scissors

– When using the scissors, check the scissors are locked before removing the cap. If scissors are not locked, the scissor blades may spring open.
– Hold the handle firmly as the scissors use a spring action to keep the blades open.
– When using the cutter, test on scrap paper first. If blade becomes blunt, apply more pressure when cutting.
– To protect the work surface from damage, use cutter on scrap paper or cutting mat.

– Hold the handle firmly as the scissors use a spring action to keep the blades open.
– Sideways pressure could cause the cutter blade to break. Cut by pulling the blade towards you.
– Keep the blades dry to avoid rust.
– Cover the scissors and cutter with the caps when not in use.
– Do not cut metal, plastic, cardboard, cloth or thick paper.
– Pointed blade is dangerous, do not point the blade at anyone.
– Care must be taken when replacing the cutter blade.
– Keep out of reach of children.

Product details

Product name: 切り抜きプロ(kirinuki puro – Cutting pro)
Model number: KNP-650-BL
Product code: 4971516008445
Company: OHTO CO.,LTD
Colours available: Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink
Size: 137 (W) x 16mm (D) x 16mm (H)
Materials: main body – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene resin (ABS); Blade, spring – stainless steel; cutter blade – iron
Replacement cutter blade part number: KNP-K220
Made in China
Price: about 700 yen + tax

Derek’s review

I’ve always wanted a cool compact pair of scissors for the office, and I just happened to find this cool 2-in-1 scissors and cutter set. It is very stylish and comes in 4 colours.

The scissors are sharp and they easy cut through 5 sheets of paper. The lock is a very good idea as I can imagine injuring myself if I just used the cap to close the blades. The spring is fairly strong, added that the blades are sharp, it is best to ensure the lock is enabled before and after use. The handle and blades are very solid, they don’t bend when I cut.

For the cutter end, it’s like a bee’s stinger, I needed a macro lens to find the blade. It is very very tiny. Be very careful not to touch the end as you can easily cut yourself. The cutter blades are very very sharp. Yes, it is sharp, which is why I am repeating myself.
As the cutter is shaped like a pen, I could control and cut nice curves into a piece of paper with ease. With a sharp cutting blade that is almost unnoticeable, having the cap on when you’re not using it is crucial for safety.

For the price, you get a sharp pair of scissors, a tiny and sharp cutter, all in one compact and stylish body.

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