Wood and Aluminium ruler – 15cm

Wood and Aluminium ruler – 15cm

This is a really simple Wood and Aluminium ruler, 15cm in length.
The scales are laser etched for precision and will not wear or rub off.
The thin layer of South African Bubinga Wood in the center of the ruler gives a touch of warmth to balance the cool metallic aluminium body.

Product details

Product name: アルミ&ウッド定規 15cm(arumi & uddo jougi – Aluminium & Wood ruler)
Product code: 4902805422581
Brand name: MIDORI
Company: Designphil
Size: 160mm (W) x 20mm (D) x 2mm (H)
Material: Aluminium, South African Bubinga Wood
Made in Japan
Price: about 500 yen + tax

Derek’s review

Yes, I spell the chemical element ‘Al’ as Aluminium and not Aluminum as that was what I was taught at School and University back home in Scotland.
This ruler is very simple and sleek. The wooden finish gives it a warm feeling, and the laser-etched scales are clear and easy to read.
The length is just long enough to fit into a pencil case. This is indeed a ruler that I would like to carry around in my bag.

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